About Us

The Society is a community of people in the Quad Cities area with common interests in Scottish history, culture, and tradition, as well as Celtic culture in general. We celebrate such traditional occasions as the Robert Burns Dinner, Beltane, Tartan Day, Samhain, St. Andrews Day and others. We also host special events, such as the Scottish Golf Day. We're also pleased to support other like-minded organizations, such as the Celtic Festival and Highland Games, St. Patrick's Society Grand Parade, and the Blackhawk Pipes and Drums

We invite you and your family to join us! If you have an interest in Scottish and/or Celtic history, culture and tradition, then we invite you to join! No Scottish heritage (or kilt) is required! Please see our Join Now page for Membership Application link. Annual dues are just $10.00 per person, or $20.00 for a family.

 Current Officers of the Society/Board of Directors (2021.)

  • President:               Henry Marquard
  • Vice President:       Lisa Lockheart
  • Treasurer:               Rich Stewart 
  • Secretary:               Chris Iossi
  • Membership:           Mary Gloeckner-Bouljon
  • Newsletter:             Judy Hawthorne 
  • Chris Iossi               Board member at large
  • Judy Redingler        Board member at large 
  • Darren Low             Board member at large 
  • Gale Hoff                Board member at large 
  • Jill Yates                  Board member at large 
  • Ron Stuart               Board member at large 
  • Sandi Barnes           Board member at large 
Subcommitees/Special Tasks 
  • Newsletter, event emails: Judy Hawthorne and Sue Grant  
  • Website: Lisa Lockheart  
  • Burns Dinner: Judy Hawthorne, Chris Iossi, Gale Hoff, Judy Redlinger
  • Special Events: Lisa Lockheart, Gale Hoff, Henry Marquard, 
  • St. Patrick's Day Parade: Bill Sterba, Lisa Lockheart. 
  • 2022 Trip Planning - Gale Hoff
Board meetings: Members are always welcome to attend to bring interests and topics forward for consideration. 
Time & Date: 2:00 to 4:00 pm: If you are interested in attending a Board Meeting or have some business to bring before the Board, the following are scheduled dates for Spring 2022:
January 9, February 13, March 6, April 10, May 1.
Meetings may be conducted by Zoom as conditions warrant. 
Please contact Henry for the Zoom link.
To verify board meeting dates: Contact Us  
Society By-Laws can be viewed HERE 

Scottish Clans in our Membership: 
Clan McPherson         Clan Stewart           Clan Spalding         Clan Craig
Clan MacRae              Clan Campbell        Clan Murray           Clan Stuart
Clan McThomas         Clan Thomson         Clan MacLaren      Clan Drummond
Clan Elliot                  Clan Watson            Clan MacIntire       Clan Work
Clan Graham              Clan Douglass         Clan Davis             Clan Morrison
Don't know your clan?  No problem!   Clan affiliation (or really, Scottish ancestry in general) is not required for membership in the Society! 
The Scottish American Society of the Quad Cities is an approved 501(c) 3 organization. 


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